Honey Glaze Roast Beef With Corn & Potato Mash

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The honey, lemon and thyme keep this beef roast moist in it’s last few minutes cooking time. The collected pan juices make a delicious gravy.


1½ kg piece grass fed rib eye/scotch fillet from Mighty Nice Meats
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp fresh thyme leaves
1 cup white wine
½ cup beef stock
steamed vegetables to serve


4 corn cobs, husks removed
600 g Desiree potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks
50 g butter
¼ cup milk


1. Preheat oven to 200ºC. Brush beef lightly with oil and brown on all sides in a frypan. Season the beef with salt and pepper.
2. Place beef on a rack in a roasting dish. Roast for 45 minutes for rare, 60 minutes for medium and 75 minutes for well done. For ease and accuracy use a meat thermometer. Brush with the combined honey, lemon and thyme during the last 5 minutes of cooking.
3. Remove beef, cover loosely with foil, and rest beef for 20 minutes before carving.
4. While the beef is resting remove any excess fat from the roasting dish and place the dish over a medium heat. Add the wine and stock and scrape up any meat residue. Bring to the boil and reduce by one third. Serve with the sliced beef, accompanied with the corn and potato mash.


1. Cook the corn cobs in boiling water or in the microwave until tender.
2. Cut the corn kernels from the cobs, place in a food processor or blender and blend to a rough puree.
3. Steam or microwave the potatoes until tender, drain and mash with the butter and hot milk. Stir in the pureed corn and season to taste. Beat well with a wooden spoon.
Serve with steamed vegetables.



Suggested roasting times per 500g for: Rib eye/scotch fillet, rump, sirloin, fillet/tenderloin, standing rib roast, rolled rib beef roast.
Cook at 200ºC. Rare 15-20 min
Medium 20-25 min
Well done 25-30
Judging your roast’s degree of doneness using a meat thermometer. The internal temperature for:
Rare – 55-60ºC,
Medium rare – 60-65ºC,
Medium – 65-70ºC,
Medium well – 70-75ºC,
Well done – 75ºC.
You can also use tongs to test the roast’s doneness.
Gently prod or squeeze the roast – rare is very soft, medium rare is soft, medium is springy but soft, medium well is firm and well done is very firm.
Use the juices in the roasting dish to baste the roast as it cooks.
Two or three times during the cooking time is all that is needed. Add a little stock to the roasting dish if there’s only a small amount of pan juices